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What to Expect

Scholars are invited to host academic institutions – universities, colleges, research institutes – where they may safely and productively continue their academic work. Depending on the academic field and his or her relevant experience, a scholar may teach, guest lecture, pursue independent research, and/or publish while contributing to the academic community both in the host country and in Iraq. Scholars receive fellowship funding from the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project to cover their relocation costs to the host institution as well as a living stipend for a one-year period. Fellowships may be renewed for a second and final year.

The host university is asked to provide essential assistance to help scholars to settle into their new positions so that they may return to productive academic work. This may include, for example, assigning a faculty member to help the scholar learn his or her way around the university, providing assistance to find suitable housing when possible, and providing access to university facilities and libraries. Family members may join the scholar at the beginning or at later stages of the fellowship. Host universities will be informed during the placement process. Where possible, information from the host or other local institutions on schooling, medical care and other necessary resources is especially appreciated.

There is no match funding requirement for host institutions for the Iraq Project of the Scholar Rescue Fund. Direct stipends or in-kind contributions such as housing, meals, research assistance, training subsidies, office, computer and communications support are appreciated, but not required. The Iraq Project also provides additional assistance to the scholar while on the fellowship, including funding for conference attendance, English or other language courses, academic memberships, and publishing.

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