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Could Turkish elections affect Syrian refugee students?

By James King

Turkey’s 7 June elections sent shockwaves through the country and internationally. With the Justice and Development Party, or AKP, failing to win a majority of votes for the first time since 2002 and unable to form a single-party government, the elections have been described as a rebuff to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s domestic and international ambitions, including his plan to modify the Turkish constitution and transform the country into a presidential system similar to the United States.

Global fund needed for higher education in emergencies

By Brendan O'Malley

A global fund for higher education in emergencies should be established to enable alternative provision to be made during times of war and other disasters, participants at the British Council’s Going Global conference for leaders of international education were told on 2 June.

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Scholar Rescue Program Provides Academic Safe Haven on Campus

International Scholar Rescue Fund Publication Features Trinity as Model Host Partner

Hartford, CT, June 11, 2014 – Since 2008, Trinity has provided a safe haven for scholars suffering severe and targeted threats to their lives and/or careers because of their academic work in their home countries. These rescue scholars have been able to continue their academic work at Trinity in safety.

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The Quest to Save the World's Scholars From Persecution and Death

By Justin Rohrlich

When Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, Albert Einstein was in Pasadena, California, serving as a visiting professor at the California Institute of Technology. And so he was not in Germany when Nazi officials ransacked his home, confiscated his property, and seized his bank accounts. Nor was he there when they stripped him of his affiliations with the German science academies, burned his books, and accused him of treason.

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Protect Scholars in Fight Against Terrorism

By Allan E. Goodman and Mark A. Angelson

In an Indianapolis Star op-ed, IIE-SRF Chairman Mark Angelson and IIE President and CEO Allan Goodman state that "higher education is the most effective weapon against the lure of the extremists."

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Interview with IIE-SRF on Voice of America

Voice of America-Turkish interviews IIE-SRF’s Senior Research & Program Officer James R. King about IIE’s efforts to support Syrian university professors and students during the current crisis, as well as its recent research on Syrian refugee access to higher education in Turkey. Interview is in Turkish.

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Making Higher Education Part of the Humanitarian Response to Refugees

By Rash Faek

Syrian refugee students face many challenges to continuing their studies in exile. Several programs are emerging that seek to assist refugee students to complete their university education. One such program is IIE's “From Camp to Campus” pilot project in Jordan, which will provide scholarships and supplemental support to Syrian university students living in the Za'atari refugee camp to complete their education at nearby universities.

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Protest politics: breaking news beyond the bubble

By Danny Mejia-Cruz and Alexander Thomas

"The tales are eye opening. Tear gas, birdshot and police brutality define vivid recollections of a revolutionary time, but this week brought a reminder that nothing has really changed. No, I [Alex] am not talking about the Civil Rights Movement and Ferguson, MO, but instead about the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak during the Arab Spring and his imminent release from jail after the charges against him for overseeing the deaths of 800 protesters were thrown out by a judge."

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ISIS Takeover In Iraq: Mosul University Students, Faculty Uncertain About The Future Of Higher Education

By Julia Glum

The continued closure of the University of Mosul raises concerns about the future of higher education in an ISIS-dominated Iraq.

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Scholars in Danger Join World's Refugees

By Aisha Labi

Academics and students “are being forced to flee their homes and homelands at a level not seen since World War II.”

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