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Partnerships for Scholar Advancement

IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Partnerships for Scholar Advancement (PSA)

Due to protracted insecurity or continued threats to their safety, many IIE‐SRF fellows are unable to return to their home countries immediately after the completion of their fellowships. Therefore, tailored assistance and resources are offered during the IIE‐SRF fellowship to help IIE‐SRF remain active in their fields until it is safe either to return and assist in rebuilding and reconstructing their home countries or reestablish their careers for the longer term in exile.

In 2017, IIE‐SRF launched the “Partnerships for Scholar Advancement (PSA),” a network of partner organizations and individuals committed to providing IIE‐SRF fellows with opportunities for career advancement and professional development during and after their IIE‐SRF fellowships. PSA connects participating scholars to opportunities through a network of institutions and individual partners across the academic, not‐for‐profit, and corporate sectors, who provide their expertise, pro bono, in the following areas:

  • Academic and Professional Writing: assistance drafting teaching statements, grant applications, postdoctoral applications, or other academic writing.
  • Career Counseling: assistance editing CVs and cover letters, conducting mock interviews; consulting on different career paths, including both academic and industry‐oriented opportunities.
  • Connecting Academic Communities / Networking: creating discipline‐specific connections and advisorships, securing invitations to conferences, and joining academic associations.
  • Legal Counseling: assistance with visa and relevant immigration concerns in the United States.

The IIE‐SRF Partnerships for Scholar Advancement (PSA) is actively seeking new partners, both organizations and individuals, who can assist IIE‐SRF fellows. Joining PSA as a Commitment Partner represents an important opportunity to impact the life of a displaced scholar as she or he seeks to reintegrate into an unfamiliar academic community and job market.

For scholars or potential partners seeking more information, please contact

Featured PSA Partners

PSA partners provide the services listed above. Featured below are several key partners that support scholars' career advancement and professional development. For a full list of partners, please contact IIE-SRF.

Global Young Academy

The Global Young Academy (GYA), an international organization that aims to bring together young scientists to solve global problems and policy issues, is helping to support at-risk scholars. Through partnerships with IIE-SRF and other initiatives that assist threatened and displaced academics, GYA is offering peer mentorship to early-career scholars impacted by conflict and persecution. As of Spring 2018, GYA has matched 14 young scientists with global mentors, and plans additional pairings. Read more about GYA's work with IIE-SRF here.

The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) 

On May 10, 2018, PSA and the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) announced a formal partnership to offer indispensable services, tools, and information, and through this partnership they aim to develop new services to assist internationally educated professionals and displaced scholars to reestablish their careers in exile. ICTC is a Canadian not-for-profit sector council that strives to create a diverse, prepared and highly educated Canadian ICT industry and workforce. ICTC forges partnerships that will help develop the quantity and quality of ICT professionals needed to maintain and improve Canada's position as a leader in the global marketplace. ICTC launched the Canada Readiness Tool, the most robust tool developed to date to help internationally educated ICT professionals from around the world integrate more effectively into the workforce.

Upwardly Global

Upwardly Global trains recent immigrants and refugees to adapt their educations, skills, and professional careers abroad into the US workforce. They partner with employers to help them leverage their talent pool, and to create more inclusive hiring practices and workplaces. Upwardly Global collaborates with individuals and partner organizations to help newcomers succeed in their workplaces and communities. With locations in four major US cities, Upwardly Global has access to major job markets and urban communities.