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IIE-SRF by the Numbers

Building upon IIE's century-long legacy of assisting students and scholars who are fleeing conflict and targeted persecution, the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund was established as permanent program to protect the lives and work of threatened scholars. The statistics below provide more detail on this work. 

749 scholars from 58 countries have received support from IIE-SRF. Since 2002, 1,176 awards have been granted, including renewals.

Over 381 academic institutions in 43 countries have hosted IIE-SRF scholars. 


IIE-SRF Scholar Regions of Origin


Academic Expertise of IIE-SRF Scholars

2002-Present                                                                                                    2016 





                   Top 5 Countries Hosting IIE-SRF Scholars                   


Regions Hosting IIE-SRF Scholars