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Please join our efforts to assist scholars under threat. IIE-SRF seeks accredited institutions of higher learning and research that would welcome IIE-SRF fellows as visiting faculty to teach, research, and/or engage in public or in-class lecturing.

Host institutions may be identified by:

  • The IIE-SRF team
  • Scholars, before or after a fellowship is awarded
  • Institutions themselves, when they nominate a scholar or express interest in hosting a scholar

How to host a scholar:

1. Review the list of Scholars Seeking Academic Positions

View a list of IIE-SRF fellows who are currently seeking placement. Identifying information has been removed from each scholar profile for the purpose of confidentiality. Upon request, IIE-SRF will forward additional information such as a scholar’s CV, letters of reference, publication samples, teaching experience, and language of instruction.

2. Nominate a scholar

Institutions of higher learning and research wishing to host a threatened scholar may identify and/or apply jointly with specific candidates. Please contact IIE-SRF at

Applications will be evaluated based on the candidate's academic qualifications, quality and potential of the candidate's work, and urgency of the threats faced, as well as the level and nature of the partner institution's matching financial support. Other considerations include:

  • the nature and duration of the temporary appointment;
  • the presence of a clearly defined faculty sponsor(s) and sponsoring department(s)/program(s);
  • participation of other persons, programs, centers or departments at the institution supporting the candidate's visit, including persons from the candidate's region or area of work;
  • opportunities for interaction with students and others in the community including, if appropriate, teaching or lecturing responsibilities; and
  • the cost of living in the host community.

3. Contact IIE-SRF directly

For more information or to inquire about hosting a scholar, please contact us at:  + or

You may also visit the Frequent Questions section for host institutions.

Scholars Seeking Visiting Academic Positions

We encourage interested institutions of higher learning and research to review the list of IIE Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF) scholars seeking academic positions. Identifying information has been purposefully removed from each scholar profile for the purpose of confidentiality. 

If you are interested in hosting in a particular scholar and would like more information, including CVs, references, and publications or articles, please contact IIE-SRF at